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SkyCover pergola systems are designed in 3D and are engineered and produced following tight european standards. The skycover range of automated pergolas is seen across Europe and exported around the world. Livingbetter is the official distributor of the european Suntech retractable pergolas in Japan.

SPECIAL NOTE: We have recently come across retractable pergolas with identical to our Skycover line components. These are not original Suntech products and are not manufactured in Europe under the strict European standards. Aluminum components cannot be copied, detailed specifications and even better the original dies are necessary. These products may be of doubtful quality and performance. Please pay special attention.

Choose among a big range of outdoor pergola shading systems: For existing pergolas, with 10m projections, with straight or curved profiles. Combinations are also possible

Perfect for restaurants, cafes but also for patios

LED lighting can be added as an option

All motors and lighting are remote control operated

The fabrics are UV resistant, fire rated, 100% waterproof and antimicrobial treated

The system can withstand rain, hail and winds of more than 34m/sec. Several better components are available for building a strong system. More on understanding wind strength here

Multiple slider carriages work together with a timing belt to provide a tight pull to the fabric and to ensure that all water drains away.

The high grade 6063 powder coated aluminum and the stainless steel fasteners prevent corrosion and ensure a long life

The water and air seal system eliminates wind noise and provides a 100% waterproof joint everywhere

Any RAL, special and wood colors can be chosen for the frame

Design to measure sliding or folding glass frames can be mounted around the pergola frame to form a winter garden. Other options include automated or manual screens and blinds

Guaranteed for 5 years (electrical parts 1 year)

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restaurant skycover pergolas

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with straight rafter profiles

inclined pergola, up to 10m projection

inclined skycover pergolas

The STRAIGHT retractable pergola systems are modular with a maximum pitch of 4.5m and can be stand alone too

flat pegola, up to 8m projection

flat skycover pergolas

The FLAT retractable pergola systems are modular with a maximum pitch of 3.5m and are available as stand alone too

pitched roof pergola, up to 20m projection

pitch skycover pergolas

The DUO STRAIGHT retractable pergola system is a combination of two STRAIGHT systems installed back to back

suspended pergola, up to 5m projection

canopy skycover pergolas

The CANOPY retractable pergola is suspended with the addition of hangers from the wall allowing thus uninterrupted views where legs cannot be used


with curved rafter profiles

curved pergola, up to 10m projection

curved skycover pergolas

The CURVE retractable pergola system provides a modern outdoor covering system with integrated drain and can be stand alone too

arched pergola, up to 10m projection

arch skycover pergolas

The ARCH curved free standing retractable pergola system provides an advanced outdoor solution. It has integrated drain.

two curved pergolas, up to 16m projection

duo curve skycover pergolas

The DUO CURVE retractable pergola is a combination of two CURVE pergolas installed back to back

suspended pergola, up to 5m projection

compass skycover pergolas

The COMPASS is a suspended pergola by means of additional hangers providing uninterrupted views where legs cannot be used


pergola with louvers

pergola with opening and retractable louvers

automated louver skycover pergolas

The PERSA louvers remotely open, close and fully retract. For sun, rain and snow

luxury pergola with controlled louver rotation and retraction

automated louver fineshade

The luxurious CLIMA louvers remotely rotate at any angle and fully retract. Single or several modules. For sun, rain and snow