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architectural shade

louver creations

Fineshade bioclimatic movable louver systems protect from the hot and harmful sun rays while allowing for natural illumination, ventilation and landscape viewing.

The ability to adjust the angle of the louvers to block the sun heat in the summer and to allow the heat inside in the winter, makes buildings efficient and provides for large savings

Louver products are made from high grade aluminum in any color andare a luxury complement to building architectures as a facade, pergola or retractable roof

bioclimatic concept louvers pergola

Louver Creations

facades, pergolas and retractable roofs

bioclimatic facades

horizontal louvers installation

Movable fin LOUVERS in several sizes and matching colors. Durable for heights

pergola with retractable louvers

persa pergola

The PERSA louvers open, close and fully retract. For sun, rain and snow

pergola with louver rotation and retraction

residence with clima louver pergola

The luxurious CLIMA louvers rotate at any angle and fully retract. Single or nested modules. For sun, rain and snow