afford the best

LIVINGBETTER was established to share with the community the ability to afford the best

LIVINGBETTER markets stylish european imports either with:
  half the price of a local item with comparable quality or double the quality for the same price as a similar local product

LIVINGBETTER imports, installs and guarantees PORTA windows and doors, SKYCOVER automated pergolas, FINESHADE louver systems, PETRA marble and TENTA awnings

LIVINGBETTER solutions are all tailored made, according to your dimensions, performance, and style requirements. Our extensive network of partners is trained to meet your needs from nearby.

LIVINGBETTER uses the best materials, manufactured and installed under top standards, with focus on system performance and sustainability

LIVINGBETTER is the official distributor of the european Suntech retractable pergolas in Japan.

SPECIAL NOTE: We have recently come across retractable pergolas with identical to our Skycover line components. These are not original Suntech products and are not manufactured in Europe under the strict European standards. Aluminum components cannot be copied, detailed specifications and even better the original dies are necessary. These products may be of doubtful quality and performance. Please pay special attention.




aluminum windows for: style, efficiency, security, many colors
PVC windows for: insulation, price, quality. With shutters & screens



armored doors: made to order, with 18 locking points. In many patterns of aluminum, wood, PVC panels. Optional insulation

in the shade


awnings: 2m to 7m wide, all remote controlled with wind sensor, many fabrics of choice

Automated Pergolas
enjoy outdoor life

suntech pergolas

automated pergolas: any time outdoors: in the rain, in strong wind, in the shade, at night with light: remote controlled, integrated drain, up to 10m projection

fine shade


aluminum louvers: movable or fixed, a beautiful. durable, and effiicient architectural shading solution

stone aesthetics


marble is stylish, sophisticated, hypoallergic and long lasting. The best quality in any size and colors and shades to match your decor. Comes with installation